The TRAGIC Execution Of Lady Jane Grey – The 9 Day Queen

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One of English History’s most famous stories is that of the Queen who reigned over the country for just 9 days. Today we look at the story of Lady Jane Grey and in particular her downfall and execution which took place inside the Tower of London. Following Edward VI’s death, he changed the succession to include Lady Jane Grey, one of his cousins. Jane was very Protestant, and was related to Henry VII so had royal blood. She was made Queen despite not really wanting to be so because of a further Protestant coup in which many members of court were vying for power and manipulating her.

She married her husband Guildford Dudley and they seemed relatively happy, however their marriage would end in both of their executions. Mary I who was a Catholic and had the most concrete claim to the throne being Henry VIII’s eldest daughter, oppposed Jane and decided to try and become Queen herself. Mary I was told by the Privy Council to support Jane, but quickly her army defeated Janes and Mary (Bloody Mary) was proclaimed Queen. Jane was then imprisoned in the Tower of London where she had been awaiting her coronation, and later her execution was ordered by Mary as rebellions gripped England. Mary regretably had Jane executed on Tower Green, with her head being taken clean off with an axe. Her Husband was also executed an hour before Jane.

Join us as we look at the tragic story of the teenage ‘9 Day Queen’s’ death, in ‘The Tragic Execution of Lady Jane Grey.’